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Replace Below is a gadget used to edit 3D component data, you can remove heights, bring heights up and sink the model all below a specified threshold. It's perfect to use to remove backgrounds and noise from 3D scanned items

How It Works

This gadget has functions that allow you to modify 3D component data. You can replace values below a specified value with a zero plane, which will replace all heights below, with the height you have specified. Transparency, where it will remove all values below that specified height from the 3D component. Lastly lower the component by the specified amount. This gadget is really useful for imported scanned 3D objects as you will always pick up the background which the object your scanning is on, this gadget easily allows you to remove this.

Step By Step

To use this gadget just follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the component which you wish to remove some of the Z depth.
  2. Go to "Gadgets" on the toolbar and select the "Replace Below" Gadget
  3. With the Gadget running you will have the following options
    1. Replace Z values below: Select the height of the component from the bottom up you wish to remove. This option still keeps the height of the whole component
    2. Replace with Transparent or Plane: Transparent removes it entirely, Plane replaces what's removed with a flat plane with the same height.
    3. Lower component by threshold Z value: This option lowers the total height of the component to match what you have removed from the first option.
  4. Click "OK" to use the specified options and the Gadget will now edit the model with the options you selected
  5. Go to the Toolpaths tab and preview your toolpath.
  6. On the toolbar now go to Model -> Create component from toolpath preview. This will now create a component from the toolpath you can work with and edit.
  7. From here you may wish to select the component and apply a smoothing filter to filter out any unwanted noise.