Gadgets are add-in tools written in a programming language called Lua. They have access to a number of features and objects within a running copy of the program. Gadgets can be used to create and manipulate both geometry and toolpaths.

Downloading and Using Gadgets

The Gadgets website allows you to browse the available gadgets and download ones you are interested in to the Gadgets folder on your computer. Both Gadgets written by Vectric and Gadgets contributed by other users are available from the Gadget website.

Writing Your Own Gadgets

Although anyone can use a Gadget, writing one requires programming expertise and it is very important that people interested in writing their own gadgets understand that it is impossible for Vectric to supply this knowledge on an individual basis. Therefore, although Vectric provides developer documentation for the interfaces and objects available to a scripted gadget, Vectric is unable to answer individual questions related to any aspect of gadget creation.

Vectric Gadget SDK

You can download it from here.