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Dogbone fillets are used to overcut into a corner when the application of the part you are making needs to fit tightly with another. When cutting out internal corners on a cnc you are left with a round corner due to the round tool you have used, you would need to manually finish off each of these corners with a sanding file to remove the rounded corner. With dogbone fillets you can use the cnc to overcut into these corners by the radius of the tool so that any mating material will be able to slot into place . This method is great for concealed joints where it will not affect the finish of the product.

How It Works

This gadget comes in two stages, first is Dogbone Detect, this detects all possible places on your selected vectors that dogbone fillets could be used, if necessary you can remove any that are unwanted. Stage two then takes all the markers that were created in stage one and creates you toolpath vectors. What this means is that the gadget will create you a vector which you should use to create a profile cutout toolpath with which will automatically dogbone all the places you left remaining marker points.


Current Version: 1.1

Version updates

  1. Updated to work with version 9 software
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