Chamfer Gadget


This gadget will create a chamfered edge to closed and open vectors without the need for any special tools. You simply select the vectors, run the gadget, choose the depth and angle to cut, along with the tool you would like to use and press ok.

How It Works

This gadget can be used to create the chamfered or bevelled edge effect without the need for special tools with a specific angle. What this gadget does is create a toolpath for a standard End Mill or Ball Nose tool to cut around the material stepping over and through the material with each trace around the vector to your specified angle and cut depth.

Step By Step


Current Version: 1.3

Version updates

  1. Updated to work with V8 software
  2. added ability to add chamfer to open vectors.
  3. choose whether to add chamfer towards line or away from.
  4. Updated to work with V9 software
  5. Fixed MakeOffset Error
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