Box Creator Gadget


The Box Creator Gadget is a powerful addition to the Vcarve Pro and Aspire software. This gadget automatically creates all box sides or selected sections of the box required with angular dovetail joints as required. The joints are milled from the top of the material rather than the traditional method from the side, this top down approach allows you to use a regular end mill to create the desired joint. It is also possible to add 3D clipart from the Design and Make model libraries to decorate the surfaces as required

How It Works

Simply determine the size of the box required, the thickness of the material to be used and which of the six box sides are required. The video below shows the cutting of the dovetail joints on a CNC Machine

The images below are of the box which can be reproduced in the tutorial which follows using the Dovetail gadgets.


Current Version: 1.0

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