Regular Grid Importer Gadget


This gadget is used to convert a point cloud scan into a 3D component. It supports many file formats providing the data was captured in a regular grid format with the points evenly distributed.

How It Works

This gadget is used to convert a point cloud into a 3D component, it accepts all file formats with the following conditions:

  • The data must be captured in a regular grid scan with the points evenly distributed
  • The file should contain rows with the coordinate information in X, Y and Z corresponding to the scan lines
  • The coordinates in each line should be separated either by a single space or a comma
  • Rotary data is not supported

Step By Step

Tutorial - Recommended

Mt St Helens DEM file, download from here

How to use the Regular Grid Importer gadget?

To use this gadget just follow these simple steps:

  1. Start a new job in Aspire. 
  2. Go to "Gadgets" on the toolbar and select the "Regular Grid Importer" Gadget
  3. With the Gadget running you will have the following options
    • Component name: Specify a name for the component the gadget will create
    • Filename: Press the open button to browse your files for the scanned item file.
    • Data in MM: tick the box if the data is stored in mm, else it will default to inches
  4. Click "OK" to use the specified options and the Gadget will now create your Component


  • The units of the job must match the units of the scan
  • Stepover influence - Smaller stepover => tighter point cloud => better quality of the 3D component
  • Expect noise on the model, therefore using the smoothing filter or the sculpting options might be required
  • The diameter of the tool that will be used for machining needs to be equal to the diameter of the probe


Current Version: 1.4

Version 1.4 updates

  1. Updated to work with comma delimted x, y, z coordinates

Version 1.3 updates

  1. Updated to work with V8 software

Version 1.2 updates

  1. Added missing link for Mt St Helens DEM file

Version 1.1 updates

  1. Fixed a bug in importing asc files & added warning message when importing without header information
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