Dovetail Gadgets


The Dovetail Gadgets are a powerful addition to the Vcarve Pro and Aspire software. The gadgets create the angular dovetail joints from the top of the material down rather than the traditional method from the side and using a special tool, this top down approach allows you to use a regular end mill to create the desired joint.

How It Works

There are two steps involved in how it works, the first stage is vector creation for the dovetails, this can either be done by yourself and use the Dovetail Detect Gadget to find valid Dovetails from your vectors, or you can create your design and add in the Dovetail vectors with the Dovetail Pin Creator Gadget. Stage two takes the results from stage one and creates the special toolpath required to machine the Dovetails. The video below demonstrates the toolpath in action on a CNC.

The images below are of the box which can be reproduced in the tutorial which follows using the Dovetail gadgets.

Step By Step

Tutorial - Recommended


Current Version: 1.1

Version 1.1 updates

  1. Fixed to work with version 8 software
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