Job and File Management

The Gadgets in this section are used to load or save files within VCarve Pro and Aspire.

To install a gadget, download the installer and run it. The gadget will be installed into the "Vectric Files\Gadgets\Aspire V4.0" or "Vectric Files\Gadgets\VCarve Pro V7.0" folder in your Documents folder (

The Gadget will be available next time you restart the program.

Job Backup Gadget Suite

Job Backup Gadget Suite

Some very simple scripts that I wrote that have become increasingly useful to me as I get into the habit of using them. I think they're a good example of how you can add some genuinely useful functions to Aspire/VCarve with only a few lines of code.

Save Copy As
 - This allows you to save a copy of the current file without affecting the name of the file you're working on. Useful if you're about to head off in a new direction with the file you're working on.

Save Copy As 2 
- Same as above but it maintains it's own folder location rather than using the default Aspire working directory.

 - Creates a copy of the current file with the date and time appended to it. Very useful when you're working on a big project as you can create a version every few minutes with one click.

Backup Folder Chooser
 - Sets the folder that backups created with the Backup script are written to.


Author: Adrian Mathews Version:1.0